DJI Matrice 600
Smooth and Powerful
DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK
Surgical and adaptable
DJI Inspire 1
Quick and Nimble

Hangar (Our Equipment)

ImpulseRC Apex FPV with DJI FPV

‘Up for the chase’

For those adventure shots whether it be chasing a mountain biker through the woods or a canoeist battling through rapids, this little racer can capture those dynamic and exciting shots.  This is a custom-built system based around the endurable ImpulseRC Apex freestyle frame using the latest DJI FPV system to allow the pilot to become immersed in the action and ensure that ultimate shot is captured.

DJI Inspire 1

‘Quick and Nimble’

Although of the older generation the Inspire 1 is still a very capable system, particularly when paired with the X5R which films up to 4K uncompressed RAW.  The retractable landing gear provides 360 degrees of clear camera panning which can be used to the fullest by a second camera operator.  The Inspire is designed for speed and agility making it ideal for the more dynamic filming.  Everything required for the system is contained in a single case making it a very mobile system that can be set-up and put in the air quickly.  We find it most useful for scouting a site to get a feel of the area from the air to aid planning.  We can carry the X5R as well as the XTR thermal camera on the Inspire.

DJI Matrice 600 (Pro Upgrade)

‘Smooth and Powerful’

The Matrice 600 is designed as a heavy lifter able to lift large cameras such as the Red Epic.  We utilise the Matrice 600 not just for its power but for its level of redundancy in systems.  As a hexa-copter with six separate batteries and three sets of IMU and GPS compasses the system is able to tolerate system failures to a higher degree, allowing it to be used for more sensitive operations.

The Matrice is very versatile in being able to carry a wide range of cameras and is also able to carry 3rd party or custom payloads.  The system is highly stable holding rock steady in the air and able to stay in the air for prolonged periods using high capacity batteries.  The Matrice 600 is imposing and never fails to impress. It’s a favourite for creative filming given the smooth handling and long flight times.  As with the Inspire the Matrice 600 has a retractable landing gear, raising up out of the way of the camera for 360 degrees of clear panning. 

DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK

‘Surgical and adaptable’

The Matrice 210 is the latest in the fleet offering state of the art systems for precise and smart flying.  The system is able to carry up to two cameras in the lower position or a single upward facing camera making it a system ideal for detailed inspections and surveys.  Pair this with a D-RTK ground station the Matrice 210 can fly with centimetre level accuracy and it is more resilient to interference.  The flexibility of the system allows any combination of payloads and the use of 3rd party and custom payloads with balance being able to be calibrated. 

The air system can also be flown in less than ideal conditions with IP43 certification, integrated battery heating (allowing it to operated as cold as -20 deg C) and it is more resistant to wind.

The Matrice 210 V2 has all the bells and whistles such as obstacle avoidance, AirSence to detect aircraft in the area, an anti-collision beacon and the latest OcuSync system. 

The system is suitable for a whole range of missions but we utilise it for aerial mapping, surveying and inspecting making the most of the precision provided by the RTK system.

“We had a very good experience with Merlin Works when we called them in to carry out roof inspections for renovation works required on a legacy steel sheet roofing on an industrial 4000 square foot building. It highlighted areas requiring new roof and ridge sheets where physical inspection from mobile platforms was difficult because of access. We felt that Merlin Works made a real effort to help us find the problem areas and enable us to carry out remedial works effectively. We would not hesitate to call them in again. '
Neil Robertson
Managing Director, Abbey Ecosse.
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