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Aerial Inspections

The use of drones, also known in the industry as Unmanned Air System (UAS), to carry out inspections is becoming more common and widespread. At Merlinworks, we can utilise the latest technology to undertake aerial surveys of hard to reach or expansive areas, taking on some of the more challenging inspections that require work at height and with the ability to rapidly inspect large areas relatively quickly, essential manned inspections can be prioritised.  Aerial inspections therefore have the potential to improve asset management efficiency by limiting the requirement to work at height or erect scaffolding, reducing the costs of plant hire, man hours and potential down-time.

where can aerial inspections help?

Drone inspections are of use across residential, commercial and industrial sectors, some examples include:

  • Roof inspections
  • Chimney and stack inspections
  • Roof water ingress surveys
  • Building damage surveys
  • Electrical infrastructure inspections, e.g. sub stations and pylons
  • Building and civil engineering structural inspections
  • Wind turbine and other renewable platform inspections
  • Communication infrastructure, e.g. telecommunication masts and cell towers
  • Inspection of remote infrastructure and systems

We use the latest technology to ensure flights are carried out safely and efficiently. We have a range of aerial systems and payloads, giving us the ability to carry out a wide variety of missions, such as the use of high optical zoom and full radiometric thermal imaging cameras (for which we are working towards PCN Category 1 Thermography certification). 

This gives us the capability to survey everything from a residential roof to a suspension bridge. Being based in the Highlands, we are well placed to inspect remote infrastructure and systems and provide a rich data set along with a tailored routine inspection report, allowing the client to remotely manage their assets with minimal disruption.

We know our stuff

Merlinworks is an engineering and technology company that has operated for 4 years, predominantly in high risk Safety Case Engineering, and has been operating drones commercially for over two years. With a robust management system in place along with our specialist experience, flights can be ensured to be well planned and fully risk assessed. 

There is very little that cannot be inspected by drone and in those cases that fall outside standard CAA permission conditions our in-house Safety Case specialist can look to submit a bespoke exemption request to the CAA along with the Safety Case required, if we believe the flight can be done safely.

If you have a project and believe aerial inspection can add value, please get in touch. We would be delighted to discuss potential solutions.


“We had a very good experience with Merlin Works when we called them in to carry out roof inspections for renovation works required on a legacy steel sheet roofing on an industrial 4000 square foot building. It highlighted areas requiring new roof and ridge sheets where physical inspection from mobile platforms was difficult because of access. We felt that Merlin Works made a real effort to help us find the problem areas and enable us to carry out remedial works effectively. We would not hesitate to call them in again. '
Neil Robertson
Managing Director, Abbey Ecosse.
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